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Akhvlediani, T., C. T. Bautista, N. Garuchava, L. Sanodze, N. Kokaia, L. Malania, N. Chitadze, K. Sidamonidze, R. G. Rivard, M. J. Hepburn, M. P. Nikolich, P. Imnadze, and N. Trapaidze. Epidemiological and Clinical Features of Brucellosis in the Country of Georgia.. Plos One : , 2017: 12 (1).

Aliota, M. T., L. Bassit, S. S. Bradrick, B. Cox, M. A. Garcia-Blanco, C. Gavegnano, T. C. Friedrich, T. G. Golos, D. E. Griffin, A. D. Haddow, E. G. Kallas, U. Kitron, M. Lecuit, D. M. Magnani, C. Marrs, N. Mercer, E. McSweegan, L. F. P. Ng, D. H. O'Connor, J. E. Osorio, G. S. Ribeiro, M. Ricciardi, S. L. Rossi, G. Saade, R. F. Schinazi, G. O. Schott-Lerner, C. Shan, P. Y. Shi, D. I. Watkins, N. Vasilakis, and S. C. Weaver.. Zika in the Americas, year 2: What have we learned? What gaps remain? A report from the Global Virus Network. Antiviral Research , 2017: 144:223-246.

Amarasinghe, G. K., Y. M. Bao, C. F. Basler, S. Bavari, M. Beer, N. Bejerman, K. R. Blasdell, A. Bochnowski, T. Briese, A. Bukreyev, C. H. Calisher, K. Chandran, P. L. Collins, R. G. Dietzgen, O. Dolnik, R. Durrwald, J. M. Dye, A. J. Easton, H. Ebihara, Q. Fang, P. Formenty, R. A. M. Fouchier, E. Ghedin, R. M. Harding, R. Hewson, C. M. Higgins, J. Hong, M. Horie, A. P. James, D. H. Jiang, G. P. Kobinger, H. Kondo, G. Kurath, R. A. Lamb, B. Lee, E. M. Leroy, M. Li, A. Maisner, E. Muhlberger, S. V. Netesov, N. Nowotny, J. L. Patterson, S. L. Payne, J. T. Paweska, M. N. Pearson, R. E. Randall, P. A. Revill, B. K. Rima, P. Rota, D. Rubbenstroth, M. Schwemmle, S. J. Smither, Q. S. Song, D. M. Stone, A. Takada, C. Terregino, R. B. Tesh, K. Tomonaga, N. Tordo, J. S. Towner, N. Vasilakis, V. E. Volchkov, V. Wahl-Jensen, P. J. Walker, B. B. Wang, D. Wang, F. Wang, L. F. Wang, J. H. Werren, A. E. Whitfield, Z. C. Yan, G. Y. Ye, and J. H. Kuhn. Taxonomy of the order Mononegavirales: update . Archives of Virology , 2017: 162 (8):2493-2504.

Bao, Y. M., G. K. Amarasinghe, C. F. Basler, S. Bavari, A. Bukreyev, K. Chandran, O. Dolnik, J. M. Dye, H. Ebihara, P. Formenty, R. Hewson, G. P. Kobinger, E. M. Leroy, E. Muhlberger, S. V. Netesov, J. L. Patterson, J. T. Paweska, S. J. Smither, A. Takada, J. S. Towner, V. E. Volchkov, V. Wahl-Jensen, and J. H. Kuhn.. Implementation of Objective PASC-Derived Taxon Demarcation Criteria for Official Classification of Filoviruses. Viruses-Basel : , 2017: 9 (5).

Bartsch, S. M., J. A. McKinnell, L. E. Mueller, L. G. Miller, S. K. Gohil, S. S. Huang, and B. Y. Lee.. Potential economic burden of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) in the United States. Clinical Microbiology and Infection ; , 2017: 23 (1).

Bearss, J. J., M. Hunter, J. L. Dankmeyer, K. A. Fritts, C. P. Klimko, C. H. Weaver, J. L. Shoe, A. V. Quirk, R. G. Toothman, W. M. Webster, D. P. Fetterer, J. A. Bozue, P. L. Worsham, S. L. Welkos, K. Amemiya, and C. K. Cote.. Characterization of pathogenesis of and immune response to Burkholderia pseudomallei K96243 using both inhalational and intraperitoneal infection models in BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice. Plos One : , 2017: 12 (2).

Bekerman, E., G. Neveu, A. Shulla, J. Brannan, S. Y. Pu, S. Wang, F. Xiao, R. Barouch-Bentov, R. R. Bakken, R. Mateo, J. Govero, C. M. Nagamine, M. S. Diamond, S. De Jonghe, P. Herdewijn, J. M. Dye, G. Randall, and S. Einav.. Anticancer kinase inhibitors impair intracellular viral trafficking and exert broad-spectrum antiviral effects. Journal of Clinical Investigation ; , 2017: 127 (4):1338-1352.

Bell, T. M., C. I. Shaia, J. J. Bearss, M. E. Mattix, K. A. Koistinen, S. P. Honnold, X. Zeng, C. D. Blancett, G. C. Donnelly, J. D. Shamblin, E. R. Wilkinson, and K. A. Cashman. . Temporal Progression of Lesions in Guinea Pigs Infected With Lassa Virus. Veterinary Pathology , 2017: 54 (3):549-562.

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Bolton, D. L., K. McGinnis, G. Finak, P. Chattopadhyay, R. Gottardo, and M. Roederer. . Combined single-cell quantitation of host and SIV genes and proteins ex vivo reveals host-pathogen interactions in individual cells. Plos Pathogens , 2017: 13 (6).

Bowen, L. E., M. M. Bailey, B. R. Haupt, and J. B. Anderson. . Development and characterization of an oro-nasal inhalation plethysmography mask exposure system. Aerosol Science and Technology , 2017: 51 (4):509-517.

Brown, J. F., K. Rowe, P. Zacharias, J. van Hasselt, J. M. Dye, D. A. Wohl, W. A. Fischer, C. K. Cunningham, N. M. Thielman, and D. L. Hoover. . Apheresis for collection of Ebola convalescent plasma in Liberia. Journal of Clinical Apheresis , 2017: 32 (3):175-181.

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Chaudhury, S., J. A. Regules, C. A. Darko, S. Dutta, A. Wallqvist, N. C. Waters, E. Jongert, F. Lemiale, and E. S. Bergmann-Leitner. . Delayed fractional dose regimen of the RTS, S/AS01 malaria vaccine candidate enhances an IgG4 response that inhibits serum opsonophagocytosis. Scientific Reports 7 , 2017:.

Chua, J., J. L. Senft, S. J. Lockett, P. J. Brett, M. N. Burtnick, D. DeShazer, and A. M. Friedlander. . pH Alkalinization by Chloroquine Suppresses Pathogenic Burkholderia Type 6 Secretion System 1 and Multinucleated Giant Cells. Infection and Immunity , 2017: 85 (1).

Cooper, C. L., K. A. Martins, S. M. Stronsky, D. P. Langan, J. Steffens, S. Van Tongeren, and S. Bavari. . T-cell-dependent mechanisms promote Ebola VLP-induced antibody responses, but are dispensable for vaccine-mediated protection. Emerging Microbes & Infections , 2017: 6.

Costa-da-Silva, A. L., R. S. Ioshino, V. Petersen, A. F. Lima, M. D. P. Cunha, M. R. Wiley, J. T. Ladner, K. Prieto, G. Palacios, D. D. Costa, L. Suesdek, P. M. D. Zanotto, and M. L. Capurro. . First report of naturally infected Aedes aegypti with chikungunya virus genotype ECSA in the Americas. Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases , 2017: 11 (6).

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Erasmus, J. H., A. J. Auguste, J. T. Kaelber, H. Luo, S. L. Rossi, K. Fenton, G. Leal, D. Y. Kim, W. Chiu, T. Wang, I. Frolov, F. Nasar, and S. C. Weaver. . A chikungunya fever vaccine utilizing an insect-specific virus platform. Nature Medicine , 2017: 23 (2):192-199.

Erwin-Cohen, R. A., A. I. Porter, P. R. Pittman, C. A. Rossi, and L. DaSilva. . Human transcriptome response to immunization with live-attenuated Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus vaccine (TC-83): Analysis of whole blood. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics , 2017: 13 (1):169-179.

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Fraga, M., N. Vilarino, M. C. Louzao, L. Molina, Y. Lopez, M. Poli, and L. M. Botana. . First Identification of Palytoxin-Like Molecules in the Atlantic Coral Species Palythoa canariensis. Analytical Chemistry , 2017: 89 (14):7438-7446.

Froude, J. W., T. Pelat, S. Miethe, S. E. Zak, A. Z. Wec, K. Chandran, J. M. Brannan, R. R. Bakken, M. Hust, P. Thullier, and J. M. Dye. . Generation and characterization of protective antibodies to Marburg virus. Mabs , 2017: 9 (4):696-703.

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