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— General Information —

USAMRIID's work force of about 750 people is a mix of civilian, military, and contractor employees and includes approximately 200 doctoral-level scientists with expertise in clinical and veterinary medicine, microbiology, biochemistry, pathology, toxinology, molecular biology, immunology, and virology.  The scientific and technical staff makes up a large percentage of our work force, but other functions—including budget administration, regulatory affairs, security, biosurety, personnel and administrative support, logistics, maintenance, and resource management—are performed as well.

Army personnel should speak to a recruiter about the possibility of being assigned to USAMRIID
( ). Civilians may apply through the usual civil service system, provided there is a job opening ( ), or as a government contractor through various companies that provide support to USAMRIID.  We also have a number of slots for National Research Council postdoctoral fellows ( ) — see below for more information.

The Fort Detrick Home Page ( ) is a good resource for the most current job openings here at USAMRIID.  You may also wish to consult the USAJobs website ( ) or the Army Civilian Personnel Office ( ).