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Cell Culture

The Unified Culture Collection (UCC) is an accredited, high-quality pathogen repository that securely maintains, characterizes, and distributes the diverse bacterial and viral agents needed to support Department of Defense-sponsored biodefense research and development activities.

As a producer of A2LA-accredited reference material, the UCC is able to ensure purity, identity, and consistency in its products—qualities that are essential for producing meaningful and reproducible results among laboratories specializing in diagnostic, therapeutic, and vaccine development.

Housed within the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), the UCC draws upon the Institute's extensive biodefense expertise and infrastructure to securely store, safely handle, and fully characterize its unique and historic collection of bacterial and viral select agents.

High-quality UCC-derived antigens and nucleic acids are available to DoD-associated research activities via the Joint Program Executive Office – Chemical and Biological Defense—Critical Reagents Program (JPEO-CBD-CRP).

Please use the following Email address if you would like to submit questions and comments to the UCC.
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